The Clever



Wanda strikes with her delicate figure, authentic personality, youth and elegance. Wanda’s open, charming smile and mysterious sensuality put everyone under her spell.

Wanda: “If life is nothing more than the sum total of our experiences, let’s not waste a second and experience unforgettable adventures together.

Intelligence and open-mindedness make Wanda to a perfect conversation partner; and her uncomplicated, attentive attitude make the time with her fly by too fast. She will amuse you and offer a sympathetic ear.

Thanks to Wanda’s cheerful and cultivated nature, she is not only an ideal escort for events of any sort, but also an exciting lover for the moments of intimacy. Wanda likes going out – be it to a club, theater, vernissage, casino or restaurant. A thrilling evening is the best prelude for an unforgettable night. .

She is curious and always ready to embark on a new adventure. Those who accompany her will surely have an amazing time, which will make them longing for more.

Wanda knows how to play artfully with passion and desire. She likes to be adored and loves to spoil in return. In doing so she can easily take up the role that her partner desires. Her art of seduction is as breathtaking and enchanting as the dance of the Salome.

With her long dark hair and sun-kissed skin Wanda is a real mediterranean beauty. It is only too easy to lose oneself by merely looking at her graceful silhouette. When Wanda looks at a gentleman with her big, cognizant eyes, he can’t possibly say no to any of this ideal young lady’s wishes.

Let yourself be seduced by this delightful, multi-faceted creature with a certain je ne sais quoi and experience an unforgettable date which will be like no other.


Age: 26
Homebase: Ruhr Region
Profession: Student
Height: 1,55 m / 5,09 ft
Size: 32
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English
Education: Higher A-Levels
Smoker: Occasionally
Tattoo: No
Piercing: No
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Juna
I like… theatre. art. culture. philosophical conversations and thought games. red wine. Yves Saint Laurent. Paris. roses. Valentino. cinematography. variety. big cities. laugh. night sky. history. fashion. postcards. going out. togetherness. classical and contemporaneous literature. eroticism. psychology. learning. artistic activities. Sports. pole dancing. tai chi. cardio. coffee. Milan. Lisbon. Prague. Cannes. Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. chocolates. jewellery. lingerie. books.
Let’s… escape everyday life.
indulge in our little things.
taste life.
spend some sensual hours.


Ruhr Region 0 Euro / min 2h
Dusseldorf 40 Euro / min 2h
Bielefeld 50 Euro / min 2h
Cologne 50 Euro / min 2h
Bonn 60 Euro / min 2h
Frankfurt 100 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 100 Euro / min 2h
Bremen 120 Euro / min 3h
Hamburg 160 Euro / min 3h
190 Euro / min 4h
200 Euro / min 4h
Berlin 230 Euro / min 3h
Munich 280 Euro / min 8h
London on request / min 8h
Luxembourg on request / min 8h