The Smart One


the smart one

It’s Saturday. After a busy work week, you long for peace and quiet and a place to retreat. For you, that place is the library. Once there, you head purposefully for your favorite spot, only to discover that it’s already taken…

…and it’s occupied by Cara, who is reading a book! But you can’t blame this natural beauty at all. Blonde hair falls easily into her face, her bright eyes shine and her glasses slip easily from her nose while reading. She looks sweet and sexy at the same time, but above all eloquent. What a mixture! Cara is not called the smart one for nothing.

With her clever, humorous and open-minded nature, you can look forward to a date with depth. Conversations with Cara are interesting and stimulating, even electrifying. But that is not all. She also enjoys sports: diving, horseback riding, swimming or fitness. Cara is also the right companion for wellness, shopping, concerts and walks. She manages to give every moment a certain importance.

In togetherness you can look forward to a tingling mixture of girlfriend and liveliness. Are you ready for Cara?


Age: 23
Homebase: Bremen
Profession: Real Estate Consultant
Height: 1,80 m / 5,90 ft
Size: 36/38
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English, Spanish
Education: High school diploma
Smoker: Occasionally
Tattoo: Yes, a discreet tattoo
Piercing: No
Available: World-wide
Most loved escort: Lou
I like… Wellness. shopping. good wine. champagne. interesting conversations. sea. sun. beach. vacation. swimming. sports. jogging. walking. concerts. culture. educated & stylish people. men in suits.
Let’s… travel together.
Have electrifying conversations.
Experiencing togetherness and forgetting about time.
create memories.
enjoying delicious food with good vino.
discover beautiful places.
Rate: classic




Bremen 0 Euro / min 2h
Hamburg 60 Euro / min 2h
Hanover 70 Euro / min 2h
Bielefeld 90 Euro / min 2h
Münster 90 Euro / min 2h
Ruhr Region
130 Euro / min 3h
150 Euro / min 3h
Cologne 160 Euro / min 3h
Berlin 180 Euro / min 3h
Frankfurt  230 Euro / min 4h
Nuremberg  300 Euro / min 4h
Munich 300 Euro / min 6h
London on request / min 6h
Louxemburg on request / min 6h