The Nordic


The Nordic

The sun rises on the Scandinavian coast. A rough wind is blowing and you are standing on the terrace wrapped only in a bathrobe with a cup of coffee. Lost in thought, you gaze into the distance, but suddenly you are enveloped in an embrace from behind. It feels warm and familiar, giving you goosebumps. You turn around, lift Finja into your arms and stagger back into the cabin to spend another brief moment in bed.

Because beautiful, intimate and honest moments you can experience especially with Finja. That is why she is called the „Nordic“. But it is not only about her appearance. Because with blonde hair, light eyes and delicate skin Finja fits perfectly into the picture. It is above all about her character. To most people, Nordic people seem rather cool and reserved. They rely on heart and gut feelings instead of superficialities. Finja is authentic, natural and carries sunshine in her heart. That makes her special!

Finja likes to keep her athletic body in shape with yoga, Pilates, fitness and stand up paddling on the Außenalster. Besides sports, Finja’s interests are wide-ranging: traveling, wellness, reading, cinema, theater, poetry slams and cabaret are at the top of her list!

In togetherness Finja likes to give the reins out of her hand and then gets completely involved with you with heart and belly! So what are you waiting for?


Age: 34
Homebase: Hamburg
Profession:  Guest Relation
Height: 1,70 m / 5,58 ft
Size: 36
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English
Education: Business economist
Smoker: No
Tattoo: Yes
Piercing: No
Available: Word-wide
Most loved escort: Teresa
I like…

Meet friends. Travel. Restaurant visits. Movies. Musicals. Theater. Cabaret. Poetry slam. Sea & beach. Wellness & SPA. brunch. dance. white wine & rosé. subtle perfumes. good books. pilates. yoga. fitness. stand up paddling. european metropolises. Scandinavia. Sushi. Spanish, Portuguese and Thai cuisine. jewelry. scarves.

Let’s… enjoy a time both exciting and relaxing.
escape from everyday life to follow dreams and fantasies.
be excited and full of anticipation for each other, discover, indulge and let ourselves fall.
Rate: classic




Hamburg 0 Euro / min 2h
Bremen 100 Euro / min 3h
Hanover 120 Euro / min 3h
Bielefeld 140 Euro / min 3h
Münster 140 Euro / min 3h
Berlin 180 Euro / min 3h
Ruhr Region 230 Euro / min 3h
Dusseldorf 230 Euro / min 4h
Cologne 230 Euro / min 4h
Bonn 230 Euro / min 4h
London 230 Euro / min 6h
Frankfurt 260 Euro / min 6h
Nuremberg 280 Euro / min 6h
Munich 300 Euro / min 6h
Luxembourg on request / min 6h